(last update: 26, October, 2016)

- June 2016: Dong-Kyun won the best oral presentation prize at the COOC.

- June 2015: Cheolhee and Jae-Yeol's paper was published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

- May 2015: Dong-Kyun's paper with the Ryu group was published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

- April 2015: Jae-Yeol and Cheolhee's paper was published in Nature Communications. This paper was highlighted in Nature Materials!

- April 2015: Congratulations to Sora on getting the award for the outstanding graduate student-female division at the meeting of KPS.

- Feb 2015: Congratulations to Cheolhee Kim who won the gold prize in Samsung HumanTech paper award.

- Jan 2015: Cheolhee's paper with the Oh group was published in Molecular Cell.

- Sep 2014: Congratulations to Sora, Seunghyeon, Cheolhee, and Hyeong Jeon on their paper in Nature Communications.

- Apr 2014: Congratulations to Sora on winning the best oral presentation prize at the meeting of KPS.









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In our lab, we are trying to develop new single-molecule and single-cell imaging techniques for investigating various biological phenomena. We are using single-molecule FRET, single-vesicle assay, single-protein detection in a living cell, real-time single-protein tracking, and super-resolution imaging.

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